Welcome to LOKiP.com

This web site is part of LOKiP House AG a company incorporated in Switzerland 2011.

Mr. Lars Olof Känngård (Kanngard), the founder has for all his life created innovations. Either it has 'jsut' been a solution to solve whet others can see as a problem or it has been a concept, idea or a result of a vision to solve or create a better future, improve life quality, make a better society based on solutions where prefereble everyone can become winners, did inspire to create both this company name and its logotype. The name LOKiP stands for Lars Olof Kanngard Intellectual Property House.

The ViA Business Model innovation and its revolotionary Revenue Model Innovation will for sure change the life of millions of people around the world.

Please visit www.viacard.com or go to the operation web site in Thailand www.viacard.co.th